Thursday 8 February 2024

i dont just know

 .. which way 

( what is this i forget even why i rit this... now there is a little warrior tribe...and i must multi task...)

but ' stop' , means

as does dancin on a tightrope daily and keeping perfect poise grace and balance..i always have

of course they will say " we dont yet understand . "

propper scientifics will..

a week looking forward to 

( at best atch.... 

oh yes its come back... 

the atchs of the region.. i check her-my weather daily and jnow from where its gettin blowy vlowin in the wind..

and the angles of the sun at dawn, eve.. or daytime use to warm a' winter...

and when i need the lovely mists of privacy

cloaking me and my wonky thoughts in 

all i need is me

know i know theres just one

true Nonny

told me one i needed,

 of her "Ratty" creek

and another  i shall take months to recover from as its so so so much easier wanderin the clifftop pathways looking for the right sign.. to chuck onesself in no ones ever again going to even look my way such bad skin and...

 eureka thats it shes a mong!!!

had even me fooled that goldust detrius twinklin in err eyes

half  her brain a truth   teller on creeks

the other my skin was a lie

phew ..i got me back!!! beat her , knowin no point ever even dreamin

of two on a 

chair made for


forgetting me THE BODY....

bragg and co on the fluids and systems and...


wow... perfect place, perfect wireless on the perfect 


In Our Time on


all scentists are if they ever say 

" it is"

when it should only ever Be

" may Be.."

this system controls that.... or her 


we change our mind due new info

and its all Be come... new