Sunday 4 February 2024

consistency ( lean)


i am consistent. But i know no one can think and read or listen at the same time.

" I can't even touch the books you read" ..[a joke, i  still  believe in one 16 pager, written and pimp it]  ..... .or  listen to the  podcasts you make my once queen Meghan..  [ i stated, tho the one a few years ago her and splendid science babe "  hairdye hurts....and is toxic .. and takes SO much of our time up  why oh why  do we do it"  i will remain loyal to and link one day soon]   ... due endless bitchin about folks appearance"

To endlessly bitch about IMMUTABLE bodily appeance people are born with,  as they do... more and more, her a once good writer,  is over the line and no more can i even take Meg n Sarah...

however, bodyweight is not 'immutable' within an obvious bone volume/  muscly   sinew to flab ratio,any farmer has had well handled for... ever

anyway i heard a fine truthtalkin 'sister'  vanloper in training,  older rinkly,   yesteraft  "  god i feel terminally sad for just represents that their spirit, lifeforce.....  too,  is lumpen and waddles...we are now such a minority.... folk lije us.... my  reason for hermitude  " 

sad but true