Sunday 4 February 2024

preparing to giggle at who uses the name they all wish to


the end

two superb comminicant English birds in 48 hrs

( proving, it need not be only ever Be people pleasing,  false talk... ..acedia all around)

and even 

.... yesterlunchtime

" my hair is still red" ... the truly best dancer i have ever seen dance in person

Even if....

I suspected lastersept she was wonderfully slutty ...

" wow..... hi... so happy to see you...i still tjink about that extraordinary scene iften... i see your ankle is better... i was mesmerised as you knew, by your performance.. on the clogs... but had to go for a pee and returned,  to bloody noisy  air ambulances ... Be ing called in..... your slip i wish i had seen,  but the aftermath i did... the blood gushing from the ankle... glad you recovered.. but 5 years the body will take to really heal all the way you dumb bird hahh hahhh .. theres always a price.. of genius..." 

unsaid to the most superbly  wonderful real woman performing super sluttiness lunchtime outside their coop.. only in her dressing gown and slippers..  

 " and you can now laugh about it and mran your smile.. ..  even if maybe career are the perfect true  dancer.... free...." 

 three perfectiins in two days, too much ...

i only want to find chaos and turmoil prevails.... its good ...superb REAL " energy" to know  theres no hope ever at all .. ever