Sunday 4 February 2024

well, three in three days

 ( is not possible, i was rong to be so cynical, and  Russel  and Eckhart is [ one peabrained same mind so we will leave it singular] ...  right ....the  connected vudu energy of the universe is conbining with the Aunty matter.. and sagitarius is rising   up and twisting my bollock sac painfully no matter how bleak i pretend to be about all " human existence, and proving i am wring!!)

... but she

 is East...  

I cannot Be

west!!!West is bad, and gossipy...

Much better to Be among the totally atomised of the East

among the so drug addled they cannot even see they saw me same pathway a week back

or even walking her highway,  and the hope she may driveby

and do me permantly

 in a hit and drive off

at least that would be a REAL emotion, and deed

not some dodgy creed 


off some losers Fakebook ..

( all they ever now wiill Be)

East...  is best even if horrid.

Mainly, Unknown... 

 Or if they say " worth knowing" 

After  a two hour heart to heart, 

have forgotten you  exist, the very next day. 

I hope they saw that, as tha'll gjve them something to gossip about.

Mine lips got 10 cm from hers...

 in the kissing  poise.. 

"Gizza quickie"

Adulterous and  at her churchy gate, too

even if kissy only for 5 minutes

Be ing...

" ours... [ even mid Wales ] ... the Sunday after he, 2016

the real JC 

was elevated to his rightful position.

As Mister More 

demanded 500 years 


to the year

in his Utopia

("we will have only the boss who actively does not want 

to Be


And the Sunday after

bleedin eck our pews were filled to the rafters

i would

 if you were him 

i really liked

 and cannot deny"

Eye close to eye

A Chret i believe,  at last!! 

And my holey best  jumper fixed

at last

just when there's no hope of it ever again Be ing needed to ... even

the end

( AND she knew the word ' kairos', seond smartest woman  under 77 ever met!!..  rahh rahh.... the first knew  'ascetic' AND even her, the Welsh Vix',  ' hiraeth' .. and isnt even first language English...)