Thursday 15 February 2024


 ...   What s the real, ' discovery' though, near nine months

nomading around?

And also that which beibg quite unreal

I magically keep seeing such signage

and symolic

Heartless prostitution 


Miss Appropriation

T'is above all the brand.

That ( a collage of poetical words, one day to


' nomad' ' reble' and all such words for

( even ' mermaid', too)

In Portuguese 


It means, of heart.

But when used in conversation the eyes light up. The heart may even pump a little faster. It is the best bodily word i have found ( well except the frog one for the ' pipe').

There is not only no heart in


I know no one even knows what it means.

And everyone

Absolutely industrial, simple

Stole years ago all the good words that are a state if Be ing... 

'Nomad' bumperstickers

Nomad t shirts and

sick children cannot go for a walk without a twenty quid fancyplastic 

likely ' nomad' branded showy plastic

water bottle ( i even have a collectiin as they leave them behind here and there they so

' Be leave' in the fact they will die without a sip

a click ( km)

of course the more private school Rory Stewart types have metal ones look like they are pioneers from the rockies.. 

( so funny, all you need to know is Samhas Rory on, and this week Sam catches Rory actually lying point blank

" I went on some guy called Sam's pod.. and he obsessively demanded we spoke only about nutjob jihaaads for an HOUR.. what a dick!!!"

a few days later " ehh so i heard Rory a few days later... and i checked it was nowhere near" 

Now this does indeed matter in that these are THE top world supposedly sane ' influences' 

A world if liars and   children

But i think a lot if it started in Glastonburyising anything that once did mean anything and .. AND...  gave reality and authority in living by honourable systems

give  cuppa to a traveller.... 

meet for a drink to hear of their lands ...

or find them  a socket

thats what nomads ... well... understood... they may find... all my life of being  sometimes seni itinerant

But in a region with more ' nomad ' expensive van labels than anywhere else 

I have never known such a non nomad 

no coração

theme park.

Great culture taught us decades ago they kill

Especially the heart


she never had a chance