Tuesday 6 February 2024

weird thing..Be yond thought

 as of 25 years ago obviously not a thing... 

but patterns, bizarre, almost everyone significant in my life for 25 years   is either in the  99%  the only one with their name, in the world.. or as good as says Mrs Oggle ... 

or the very rm common as muck vanwoman in fact guided me back into buying my iwn again 7 years aho after meeying her and hers... Sarah Smith 60 something 6 churchwarden of  Stowe... and clearly kindof nice woman i guesd 

bleats to me " yes simon....  no one speaks if it,  its a poisonous pandemic even i was truly damaged just a few years ago by terrible false allegations ... stabbing at me and my family" and i cpjld tell she meant it... the reality

but then another woman  then  just 

shows off

" i am going to be a writer..." 

 and i full well know not only will it never Be ..but if it were to have Be eeeeen... me major encouragement...bolstering ... even if her boss is ratger agajnst ' bearing false witness' ...wouldnt tell her real truth... only sad scaredycat..people pleasing... false witness, fantasy