Saturday 10 February 2024


 first bad draft.

The only word new to me i have liked for years. From her....

... but 

theres a real " human" problematical  conflict 

even in her lovely hermitude word.

topic that is at root:

The disatrous ( i believe) 'professionalisation' of the English language over the last 15 years  i know is not a good turn of events...

all these words such as ' trauma' - far better the old  far nicer softer human words such as 'hurt'...

to even say the word " traumatic" feels a little traumatic, whereas saying the word hurts just hurts a little less




depression - " wonky" works far better

and even ' empathy' ... a story within maybe helps with what empathy, is...

and you cannot get it from a book or teacher

etc etc etc..

and others just as cause and effect = negative

such a long waffle but its 30years of pondering and living a range of interwoven ... knowing

for a rainy day


( hmmm is that a better way to show the link to the substack waffle?.... i do content, not presentation the mo)

The ( british born) Mermaids rather misanthropically and vudu leaning,  preach " solitude"...  when in fact it is fake.

hashtag ferret wetcunts kill them

hashtag explaining  eye to eye  to an incomer to rural lands, actual nature and rural life to thr   ex supermodel, past sell by date, going a tad rancid,  " if a ferret doesnt have sex once a year she dies"... is good fun

hashtag what REALLY is " community"