Saturday 10 February 2024

note to bloody self


but as always all is connected


if nothing else go back and add bits to that...

Mermaiditis and obsession with ' healing'  is the pernicious other wave that has the cause and effect does more harm to even town based recycling and careful protection of resources we have

the absolute inability( decades seen) of merms to accomodate and find humanity.. and continuing functional 'connection' .. even after a bout of madcow disease.... with DOers.." i will treat the bad wood and recycle what unneeded...  or build a shelter to keep your rusting childrens bikes from rusting [ if,say,  chief Hay fake  ecogoddess]..." means what happens is the nicer thoughtful people never work together on it all and when ecogoddess cant pay her rent any more and is booted out too... then  the builder boys and their skips are called in...  who burn or flytip the usable wood... and skip the even more rusty bikes without removing first usable tyres or chains....  cos behind their white van man smiles and professional charm... they certainly couldnt give a shit about...anything ... 

as so many photoshoots i have over many years

artfully display

Merms make..waste.. whilst preaching exact opposite

now add in last 5 years the impossibility of ANY coherent  communication with even mature intelligent fellow humans especially on their ( " feminised" internet ... to be explained ) ...

  outbound 5 paras on THEIR  subect...

for THEIR benefit

gets 2 paras back sort of

  " super good vibes to you.. yes thanks" 

but one is ignored   in reality... as it is all now just narcissism ' i project' .. i mean with the odd sane one left

and  the   necessary in any conversation next 3 paras

" i think you misunderstood my point, let me explain why i made it" 

is obviously such a microagression and  maybe attack on their fragile soul...  they cannot even open it never mind any more understand is " communication" ...

or... is it a kind of control by the weak, now... by default... ? a pretence of commmunication when in fact any notion of real words or communication is to be actively snubbed

thats what 5 year olds actually do.... day in and out... learning to one day Be " human" .. and they did... for most of humanity... seems no more

(excepting her ...for a while...oh well... she font know how unique she was...) 

and the way the merms adopted the inhuman language referred to in last post...

many a time, 15 root of the wasteland ... they try keep under their magic carpet