Saturday 10 February 2024

hermitude cont

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to even say the word " traumatic" feels a little traumatic, whereas saying the word 'hurt' just hurts a little less.. and we recover more quickly from the shrapnel these hard edged words scatter throughout our Be ing

 rumpus even better  cuter word than ' hurt'...

and thus  causes a more relaxed appraisal of that we need to 




if i had bumped into a newish immo 30 years ago ... running for cover after my ( needed lifesaving) hurricane Katrina...  and 

started someone off on this extremely hard and  so politicised language...

this is what i would have tried, to over ...time explain

in that audio

in fact ergo, almost, though not best example 'immo' in tge language where we may use 'trollope' as a term of endearment ot to be agenda fluid, perhaps he is a bit of a ' Rambo' .. far worse as thats violent bloodthirsty stuff

immo has far sifter friendly flavour " we all could be one"... or did before twats like Belfield or his ranty type took over the airwaves, than " assylum seeker" .. " howdy Mister hows it going the new immo life?  away from loony land over the seas..a bit nicer than hows it going being assylum seeker from the loons .

almost suggests  assylum is a thing,  rather than  peoples always go a bit nuts ...sometimes its best to get in yer boat and...

but then it has to float first..