Sunday 11 February 2024

immo / emmo

 far better word just move

I knew a decade ago why.

But then with a fledgling still just on the horizon, AND the most magnificent young man ive yet to discover, at my home roost...  

 ' community' 

It would be good perhaps one day she could meet


My 99 words in fact i only need a few: If i can sleep last night

nine hours 

Fact is i didnt really need to emmo;

 even if what a dull decade, 't.. would Be nice to have found just one,  who knowstoo why one should laugh at every single one, here   ... theretoo, last region though laughter, at real things, would get you stabbed  with her swordstick, not in a dream...

And perhaps turn it into graceful dance

of perfect balance

I know how to


cos its only reason i still sleep nine hours

And i guess its temembering, the real reason "YUK should Be in the Hague"

No poet or modern day " love love love" ist.. dare even think of; may just shatter their  inverse performative little  "blissy" unreality

No one was "daddy" to James. 


I was lucky my Ralph daddy would take all the time in the world, me  14 or 15 doing up the old bikes, him sidling by...

" ehh up lad...  ehhh...  youre do a good job with them.." 

maybe thats why i can still sleep nine hours and then awake and recall the really important 99 words and ... i know reality.. the saddest words,  if you can hack, her...

is in fact  ' bliss'