Thursday 8 February 2024

right, jihaad...

 to the death

if the pollution in her creeky harbour hasnt slithered up the crack and killed her off already...

" whats a sweetheart like you doin in a shitfilled dump like this..." 

need one say any more... well yes

the reason as a retired ecowarrior a REAL one they the  polluters armed with big motherfucker tractors they knew whom..i was... and for years i meandered their lanes on my old bikes..

pondering finding allies,  for  what grown ups do...  while ( i know her name ..even photod) .. the boss of Kington Extinction Rebellion too busy redying her hair blue every other day.....

.  to learn about legal redress ( see mclibel my only brit babe actual non merm heroine... error in it though poor Helen Steel near died of exhaustion... cos battlin the bastards they will grind you down unless you weave in humour jokes and funny not taking yourself too setiously stuff.....i would often weave Bad bard lines into my court documents.... just gor fun... to make it clear : "you ..  wont ever grind me down its impossible ive had to tollerate decades if his grinding articulation... but do value.. the words"  ) 

the reason your fanny may itch with chemical irritant

post toughgirl showoff  nonmermin around

is NO britisher understands

"opression is cruel TUTOR.. 

injustice a NURSE"

the emphasis for a reason

( lines only appear in that version)

( as yevgennia Ginsberg best ever " nazis shot my grandad in the bonce by accident when drunk, Miss took him for a Zimmerman we really were after"  book writer in Whirlwind knew) 

you get buggered by the grindy bastards but

in time

you may even end up 

as dire a poet as me

or... be even able to  chat up the most beautiful mermaids or ... especially Nonnies ever

i could never do

no way if  Gwerk creek froze over and i could walk on shitfilled water up to her front door

could i ever do

even  7 or 8 years ago

... but i havent even begun yet...

a real man needs a Helen of Troy in her rotten pile of rotted wood

and... one with fanny itch 


 or of this living in [an itchy]  'moment'

cos of them....

 there is simply good and bad

we never neded fancy words like " moral"

and shit so called eco merms man and babe

are why it


( bad... so called environmentalists... the merms took over... just so they may SEEM as beautiful