Sunday 11 February 2024

oops, i forgot, which means

. .. 30 km walking moving ... keeping the actual " human" energy, rather than imagined poetical light  ' energy' no one can understand... going...  day in and out is the only thing i care about, as one may livelonger.. and may Be  get a bit usefully wordy one day nothing else worth Be ing

i have so many bits of video uploaded from the last year some i forget even to set ' public' thus far..or put here

I think this one is why ' green' merms ...aren't..

.  they certainly arent earth ' mothers' 

or yesterday i made the mistake of clicking on some 35 year oldish ' earth protector' .. my my how they PRd that label as it was invented 5 or so years ago.. .

Every otther  " earth protector' labelled selfie a  different  colour

of chemicals down the drain... unless they invented some magical form of peroxide 

that can " manifest" itself  into Be ing .... without troubling the chemical industry... or out of Be ing a pollutuling chemical  into Be ing down the drain, totally inert...  and thus...