Sunday 11 February 2024

was it three years ago..

waking up one dawn ...

put on 4 chan 

a smile:

" Johnson and Johnson been done 4 billion bucks for  selling micro agressive traces of asbestos in baby bottom talc..."

 thoughtbubble: " ohh the poor....  microgressive silly ' birds' i had to put up with.. their snide jibes and gaslighting before that silly word was invented.... 1998 and on ' ehhh..... talc is a chemical and babbies bums have managed without it since babies bums were invented...  we saw through this forty years ago   ...  get modern... all products may just have some negative effect we dont yet understand' ... why one may be sidelined or even have  poor dinosaur Central Europeans try to  damn you via 100 thousand quid of legal aid..'...  its no fun Be ing right but maybe a haiku of that should go on my gravestone.."

 the bloody problem now being the rest of medical science  has also just caught up with item 2, obvious 40 years ago... especially if you spend a fair bit if the year with foreign birds in sunnier climes...  i shant need mine for   many years yet:

( recently)

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for preventing malignancies and a complementary treatment for cancer through direct and indirect biochemical pathways. In this article, we summarized the correlation between vitamin D and various cancers using an extensive search on PubMed, Google Scholar, and Scopus. This paper reviews the role of vitamin D in different types of cancer. 

a range of reporting of this, in one line: UV which creates natural vit D .. makes you live longer, a fair bit less likely  to conk out due the ' unnatural' cancers tgat we are evolved not yo have the body having sunshine systems to keep it all at bay

And the bbc are evil cunts Mosley last month preaching " take your D pills" ... which will never Be as effective as what mother nature provides for free...  and we evolved to . Be.

.... not ' need' but Be

we are a creature,  whom all our existence, would Be out in even and especially the winter sunshine when it was there.. and all our ancestors woukd have known where  the best January suntraps were...  cos no woodburners my my you feel so fabulously energised  and quite a diferent Be ing even after an hour at the foot of the Loe Bar ( south facing v sheltered)  cliffs on a January day... even with her blowing icicles at you from  up North...  

thats real energy which all 2 or 3 mil of our evolution years  we are evolved to Be..

we are not just a ' "human" shaped' sac (  of  biota, 90% not orgininally " human" known as the ' biome'  only a symbiosis of many bugs and even baddues like ancjent corvids)

we are bodymind indivisable, but also indivisable from the ' environment' which is ustoo .. and 99.999% of "human" existance thus far has Be ..... eeen... one of be ... ing outside in the light unless really shitty weather... and the winter natural warmth when one can     

a lizard   or barnacle maybe better  example IS 

their envoronment just as much as  any made up notion of autonomy

it munches  wet wood  loving bacteria or other things 

take it away from its  many million year evolved  environment

it cant even live on the bottom of an  old kicked aside bucket.. in the sunlight, out of water

and human evolution all but ceased as soon as agricultural surpluses arrived 10 thousand years ago ..

 all the above anyone even a 15 year old living with animals and nature and a wise old man like Ralph knew crystal clear  the simple truth ... such as those

what a dull life the so called experts taking so long to discover the patently bloody obvious...

( sunglasses one day soon...  interfere with your fabulous naturally evolved  regulation systems.... ..  that primarily work via sensors in the ...eye... )