Tuesday 13 February 2024

Two tangoing at the bus terminus SURE makes it actually more of a journey

and so much nicer even if not quite perfectly astro compatible...

master Eckhart, the relationship workshoppers and curators...life coaches... stay at home cowardly custard pie chuckers, one and all

(that really have ruined the heads of my generation)

 The whole damn lot of them 

Try living, reality - indeed maybe WHY THEY PREACH FUSSINESS (even if my red line a fattie so... never was much hope): 

a dusty bus terminus, in a small city in Bolivia

(as for your apps, try booking ahead on the app hahh hahh)

Senor... nohh... nohh  bookings....  

half an hour queue

Bolivians may be the happiest fun lot in the world

But i am sure in their terminuses there just may be the occasional a bit too hungry not to pick a pocket or bag or two

" Senoras et Senors... the bus is broken we are bringing in another that isnt quite our normal ensuite.... so perhaps you may best go to the toilet now... its four hours non stop "

Fuckety fuck

Toilet 100 m away.... queue still 10m

And loads of bobbin about Bolivians bustlin and jostlin

" oghhh.. my god...all this solo autonomy.... if only i had a helpmeet to stay with my big fat backpack thats not going through that happy crowd...! and of course her turn too... i tango back"

 Your stupid Eckharts far far too choose-me, to tell you how choosy you really really need to Be...