Tuesday 13 February 2024

The "transcript"

So... a year it will take to build...

A week ago some waffle about Zoe... as i wandered that day later on ...all over the place the D word...

 Dolphin.. never saw his kids again

1000 pages many so called goodies saw.... which by maybe p 200 she is describing her child abuse of her kids...

but did they help?

The ultimate wonky mermaid

 all 100 pages are up


i would rather she carried on her gorgeous real woman stare than ever again speak to anyone about the environment


i wander starting poems and almost always leave my recorder on

a fairest maiden lost in the wilds of Cape Cornwall sat on a  stone

And at last i find her  (i have zillions of these i had forgotten which date)

" all the rivers of Cornwall are ruined.." 
her body language unequivocal

says the wonderful next generation woman who has to deal with it


but.... maybe its the end that's poignant

Almost as ...well.... we dont remonstrate with the young...

But .. i will one day with Monbiot when i publish that interview...that proves sadly he is a useless pretender, too.... UNquestionably