Monday 4 March 2024

THE 'price' you pay

 ... the end, but not quite, of ' one day"

Three hundred and bloody sixty, my my they exert their princessly price...



The hat she liked the first time we saw each other... she said so,  may Be not people pleasing... no not maybe


my collection, all charity shop 50p,  or foraged from dropping places

( thats a good hook, what a wonderful ' wrong turning' this morn... a nrw whole fabulous flat village, loads if quiet parking,  with  megga space.... and huge old churchyard to shit in...)

 the slimfit bed hat... 

and the now too floppy green


by her.... 

floppied due too much time in Maggie's torrents that killed them both...

But why didnt i THINK!!! 

( have true zenny poise and undistracted time just to sit and stare...)

double them up!!

use old black stable bedhat as foundation

upon which to rebuild a more stable greenbob nice looking once  hatty emphatuation

if she wasnt faking 


[ end segment of loads of good segments]

( i rescued a hobbled kraut realwoman longwalker.....  too.... 4 weeks her walk....and we had the best of  ealking togethrr chats, her " why?" is the big 'why'...later.)

princesses ...i learned via several last year, especially Mayday Leb .. (3 weeks ' dadys house needs fixin' #3)


so dont think you can change them

only total accept all of someone, is any foundation for anything

you dont have to agree with it though.. 

( but my oh my the time drain  figuring all the ... well... what to to Be... why one cannot Be... and thats just the Nerms who promised to help ..liars... no time spare, one while year!!  to figure such a simple fadhion item....)

the ONLY good word info on the whole crappy interwe of lies and deceit

( quick before they rewrite this history, too)

  1. a helpful companion or partner, especially one's husband or wife.
    "she acted as his pleasant but by no means uncritical helpmate"