Thursday 28 March 2024


 yet another truth talker...

And a socket,  i dodn't know about.  I thought i had cased every joint,  in this town  ( funny, more crutches here per person than any other i have ever seen..... ) i was slipping.

Now i never go to their evil libraries any more

( i shall soon break their ' code' ... there is one, the way he top of his voice booms through the public spaces, despite being 25 year old lanyarded, graduate.... prives, all... you failed to raise ANY " human" in this fetid swamp... i shall publish im one day...)

Her born 25 june

DO email!

I so enjoyed that one    and really do have 100s of hours recorded jousting with JWs ... they are so interesting  Thek knew i knew their ' bible' bettter than they

Reasons not to  trust JWs .. first chat a decade ago 

" its all ...all... pollution, materialism .. mental illness, bourgeois  contruct...just belting round a hamster wheel chasing Mammon....  "

senior  50 something, CHARITABLE status elders at Marches JW cult....  in charge of youngsters ... did not know " Mammon"... two of em had to look it up on 

thats the dumbed down noeducation even ' elders' of a fake belief system pimp to their youth: nothing....