Tuesday 19 March 2024

And now, funding....

 But only ever mutual benefitin"

Even if

What a hilarious giftin'

No one can ever read

And  certainly never ponder what is in the lacunae  spaces between the letters,  lines

( on their two faces - the 2012 then her, 

 love at first sight of her filegree,

real woman, real life,  beauty roams her

 lifelined eyelid rights-passioned pedigree,

 then again, 


well it's'then', now

Novemeber 22   ... exactly ten years on... as the ... yesteraft

" love... i wouldnt even bothered

 start our chat

but  your gorgeous silvering hair is  suprrultra sexy! "

now-then, " i love the way all those selfies you do nothing to disguise...

how around your dark cavelije eyes

 your deep valley lines,   ... your wear with pride, what a welcome surprise  ")

I am going  to Be come, the most nasty poacher, turned gamekeeper 

( they are all uktra fascist and love to  even kill falcons for fun on the Stiperstones, 2012ish... sanctuary knowing even with SAS covert filmed footage  of them, setting down piles of poisob

sent to Herefords courts....  they can laugh all the way to the Laird's next Purdey pair ...' lad... try these...  real guns, designered  for our  pheasant sports...of kings'

and never face justice,  case thrown out, lack of....' witness' ''evidence' ...  the rest of the  ' natural' [ Store] "birds" sat forever  on the fence

And faIled to picket)

....Ever ... 

Quite simply blame it on AC Grayling, 

May 2019 spring

" if thats the truth as you say.... river Wye, all other local  habitats. 

all destroyed due the environmentalists' one and all disingenuous twats....

care more about their storecards especially Habitat...

( to the  Friend

 " ...i told Grayling all is Bovary, 

but actually... drill down through Bernhard's Extinction lists....  i sat on Pastycine beaches  

 last summer gone 

and read at last his number one

Stendhal Scarlet and Black

have you read ?

[ heard of it, but not yet, guess i will now Im your  lapdog bookbitch, tailwaghin'  pet ]

Please ... ohh you will i know truly adore

the anti church 

then bonkers bling  ... that timeless immemoriam,

 but Stendhal the God of  irreverant... 

He Just ... 

i was in tears... 

a story of pious fakery over the years

Made him mad, for his heoine,  gone even madder and badder ... 

seeking headchoppin' off rather than even figure... 

a way of living  on

But at the end if the day, and nowadays, .Leigh Day too....

only   ever came down to one thing .. 

Stendhal wove,  explosively, Just  endless gusset-wetting hilarity

 the  never ending lust for bling" 

Her eyes lit up....  they do not lie.

" Jojo Moyes is pathetic not for me..."

.. is all i need to know of her authenticity, 

and history


Actually thats a point.

She would Understand... 

she  alone it seems

can read lacunae

if i attack the ' goodies'

 for a greater good

So said AC i should....

..... so what if i fantasise about her stocking seams

( another example dear Serb of this impossible language)

She does know: the apex truths

The environment, rivers,  all of it, destroyed beyond  all common knowledge, ( Roger

" your honey  and lemon for a little sniffle; added microplastic,  even here, no more waffly piffle!" ... gorgeous fait accompli

 so so useful to my rhetoric... just her and me)

And thus,  " morality" a hard one yes...

But the next generation cannot know what to do, unless

 they know

who really left them with this toxic mess.

And it isn't the factory farmers, or even my beloved ex friend Helen's cows

Its the fake performativr  'enviromrntalists...

Failed to  attend  even standard democratic hilding to acvount

a planning meeting "ok votes we will count"

or simply rather than Polly Higgins ( my first girgeous silversexy ' bird' ...i knew..)

showoff new Mother Theresa failed  ecocide lore

Do the actual fuckin WORK..

and ensure.

those rules and regs we ALREADY have...

Be used to fullest extent... protect the river Wye, shore

But thats REAL hard work... bridging with farmers, their London landowners, too...

Politicking, real life....  finding compromise, and even ' love' for the otherside.... just making a living

But  at first ... as we know for a fact

yes theyll give one

 worst  hatecrime 'vibes'  in Christendom

.... but ... with helpmeet, ally... two tangoing in... 

to their muddy farmyards ..machinery din

... standing firm, firm batting away inevitable insult day after day.. ... 

Only by finding joint

 " huma"ity ...with the 

'enemy' to almost every centimetre of The Marches

repeated repeated.... 

Be cause they all saw, no one even comes,

 planning meets, or for a friendly peacepipe at our farmers'  homes.... 

Wye shoukd we bother

to eve think they care... never mind MEAN ...

what they apex-say day after day

on the height of their narcissism radio four

playing only to their own converted... 

never a compomise chat with us...  eco "warriors" ... No Just scared children at play..

..ing only with themselves..

if thats where my whole generation went WRONG..

the only " hope" ( so many womenchilds say/plead to my face) 

is the next gen do know, 

ALL of mine  a pathetic disgrace

"You could DO 

so much better, so easily... "

i call THAT ' hope' for grown ups...

 but they do have to have some facts, and  true stories  to corroborate.. .. 

30 years ' Greens'  in their bathroom mirror, 

 shelf full of chemicals...

 practice preachin at themselves ... 

oldschool knowin' 

terms  ' masturbate'