Tuesday 19 March 2024

As ... Gretchen...

 The truly greatest ever songrite ...

up with their booze n drugs half the night

lost her greatest ever Youtubed,  Everything Indian

Fat bugger lost histoo...


Bit i am more act together than ayone in


i had himtoo

in mine chroniclate their disorganised 


lack of ingeniuty

Barry Leavin

Sat in this session

even if this rather good, too

nothin like as good as the perfect song...

( organised ingeniuty...on the road, no cash in the tank... and of course The Road in Pastylandshire of childmen.... means they sit on my tail ...  performing  pale

shadow of a 'man'

 like nowhere else ive ever been...

in a  region of almost no passing places... 

Theme park ' lay back and just pass the time bobbin along with the ebb n flow...'

nope... always

10 m behind boy racers, oneandall

lost their old ways

of common sense