Monday 11 March 2024


 great dumbing down.....

A year ago i started to give up my lifetime habit: 

0909 Monday morning, undestracted,  any essential job done for the next perfect hour,  Start The Week

with some new ideas, in the Bragg years, the best of them : " stop waffling and PROVE your idea if you xan...and no rewriting if history unless its true!"

6 or 7 years ago the children really take over.

All with their perfect chummy dverse,  gay-pride,  all ideas are equal, as long as we are polite...

We don't have to Be ..journalists or thinkers or mature  thinkers

Perfect case in point.


yank " and all the potion pushers, 'smart' suplement, Charly, tons of em!! nowadays endlessly conning the folk into buying things science says, do no good..." 

childman " wow how 

intetesting"  even if not his words but all his presence says just that.

Rather than Be fore the great dumving down second wave, a real man of the air and waves would have known or fone his jomework " shut the fuck up and go and  preach to some  butyerfly bimbo tv who sold their memory to the highest ebay bidder in a trendy fake declutter..  we knew that three decades ago.!!... i am sure my real wireless predesessors... did whole real "human" progs... on that rightly impolite....  spiced up with actual real " human" sardonique...

" basically, little new, since the age of pay-gun... Fakebook, ancestor: withchey poo.... " but as a pacifist i wouldnt burn them at the steaks ...waste of good reusable  firewood

.... free vitamin d today

ahh here he is, from my lets get serious, list

6 or 7 weeks ago

" well... most of them you dont need ... but for sure, in Northern climes... a sunshine pill ... will  keep you alive longer"

The most Dr Mengele anti"human"  Nazi act

Be cause.... all of science, even a pagan prasant like me 2 1/2  years no sicket can keep an eye on ..

Time and time again ' new' metastudies  of one thing or another, such as over 50 something 'arthiritis' growth  ..  is in fact kept at bay by pteviously thought benign  BODILY systems  

which only works, it IS only what nature designed it as

If triggered... by sunshine

The natural arthiritis mediating systems, cannot Be  seperated from ...sunshine   

They evolved IN sunshine....

Ask any cave dwelling  original state aboriginal " human" like me, what makes a day, after grub, especially in even early spring " get out in the UV ... first noment you can..."

And there will Be MANY  yet to Be duscovered ' natural'   health/life maintaining benefits from that which ONLY all of UV and IR . .   can ever provide...

And for free

" ohh  i am rich enough to take a pukka posher  sunshine pill, like Misley said .. i dont need the natural version" 

... " helpmeet... take a note....  BBC genocedere case ... i would say by about 2030... plenty of new systems  uncovered.... proving yet again...  propogandising, a  pill, turned out to Be an unintended consequence,  not of love....

but hate" 

right... the serious phase starts now..... 

for real.