Sunday 31 March 2024

but to spite her...[ innix]

 thats fuckin copyrite


to the rhythm of the greatest girlettes rhythm 

no one cared if he was walkin away or a she

or a she on she

years on

 they prostitute for

fake 'activist' gain

only cos they gained so much weight, they no.longer believe in new

song n dance

if i can, anyone can cancan

only one person nade me a potty poet

i like being

despite her hiss

of only herself, taking the piss

fuckin angel  stuff i never think

or stop

merely poke 

til my fingerends


...  i couldnt do this a year ago


payin ...her ...

Bervely Hillside, rent

And i know its ten times more real and good, than confected Tempest


thrives only on  selling her

self hate.

eprcially as my rap

or rhythm

is only ever to a happy clappy good song

of a hymn

such as the Chung...

even if the dance class boss,  to her lonely little inner control freak