Sunday 31 March 2024

i never saw just how truly

 ...fuckin self obsessed  snide artogant in love with Malcom, turd Malcom Gladwell woz


til a ' debate' i watched a  few days ago

refences soon

indeed their Tragedy

of The Commons

even i thought was a good start in a 


only word we need, title

if real.

Tragedy is,

the real version

hearing a mind fine enough to state "uk/ Hague" and even " i pitied him after he hit me"

actually saying 

" well i havent really had the chance yet to 'lean in' to all this lgbt"

implyig her fine one  will

for sales ops

compulsory Gweek talk...

who knows, only stupid people fall in and become a sgeep....

lucky escape!

cos the amount of times i have had actually sincere smilrs from even English borns, the last 10 mths practising my rhetoric

( after "Donald Glover all experts say best writer in world, of english words... . Cusk best brit by FAR...Kushner best in  whitey... whitey tho generally got the prob, esoecially if male") 

" i went to most  backwards comprehensive imaginable, in  sexist pig dinosaur  N Wales.. and our classmate Stewart,  the campest ' only gay in the valley' chap imaginable... it kindof made us a bit sick but we accepted him totally with little teasing...

was most publicly and rightly made head boy aged 17 as every single person in that school,  knew he was also the most able and confident boy .."

" even if the sight of another mans willy made me ill til i went to first full nude sweatlodge needing a  shower 2009 ...  we would routinely go with Stewie - he and his budxies got their turn to chose nightclub destination  mid 80z, and reticently i would  make up the numbers off to homo Heaven... 

not only did they have by far the happiest, content anything'goes clientele... all that delightful leather made em so smiley .. never even a lost skinhead  cant find the busstop loitering around the front door to duff anyone up...  was by far the best nightclub in London....

and to crown it all, uk's only transgender April Ashley... i didnt know lived in Hay-on-Wye  1994 famous for drunk violent rednecks, only....  because i never even caught a whisper of anyone ever caring s/he was there .. ever mind ponder " ...[burp]..... hey how about we go duff up the ... [ whatever the thenword was for sex changer[.."

no one cared

And every single British " human" in the 80s knew Boy George was one of the greatest singers/  writers...ever.... in fact we hardly noticed the frocks and makeup after a while

And of course as brown mong and i ascertained a few years ago, both  of us proper mans building in the hills him patching up


 oligarchs shitpipes in Pastyland...

both to the tune of radio 4,  for company

 bored by it

the odd text flurry


" ... hey fatty- as always  i hope less so, for your own sake as you alone i wish you to LIVE LONGER as us skinnies do...... your lot losing out today... only 55% brown content... 

 the gays, however got a whopin 75%  content rate... as per yesterday, and the week before...if i were you i would send in a complaint! or at this rate youll be marginalised... even if i know youre a secret .man of the hatch-back...[ he started it with most arrestable stuff for months, i remained above...]  "

if only she knew.... My Beautiful Launderette... The Crying Game


TRB...War Baby ( he turned out to be an apostate hahh hahh)

All celebrated rightly as superb stuff.... 

way way disproportionately in fact

irrespective of  the stuff no one ever cared about ever.. gay,  tranny, brown, whatever.... 

and anyway 3.5% only,  report in official  lastyear census, as not liking  only the front door...

of the opposite sex.

listening to channel 4 reporting this

even i was shocked in fact

at that  irrelevent fact

its always been  just a few

was no one else's business 

what, once  rightly ' legal', they  do

( a real actual survey, and time to learn Serbian  3 mths ago... my ONLY lifetime enjoyed media... the radio 4 afternoon play.... until 4 or 5 years ago one LEARNED from.... a quick tally of those online desperate for some culture: 75% about people with things ' wrong' with them; 40 or  50% homo .. 30 or 40% or so ethnic ... obvious overlap.... all unlistenable to as these made up inhuman things were all THE thjng the play was about...forefront...   i tjink i only found 2 out of 200 just about ... real life ... subtle....vp tradictory, deep.. to enjoy and learn from

the end

Bee. .... .. leave

save yourself


 i am dead... no sane person left to talk to

or rather of  course this being England..a fair few i tease out rather quick agreement

none ever dare having a second conversation....

terrified of actually showing fully their real opinions, a second time....

you die quicker that way

or get eaten you from inside



suppressing . your....common sense, self