Sunday 17 March 2024

" but what did you..

 .. actually find,  lost landloper?...even if never  needing nor ever needing what they call  a 'home' you cannot Be lost.. "

" If i am brutally honest, not cynical ever

but nimble and aside

and never ever drained

 by even her fetid swamp

it is simple

there are only two types of mate, even if myself it could only Be

equal, of mind, free, and that can only ever Be, 

at least aged 53

But their whole act

the modern 'self  realisation' pact

shaman, merism

"look at me performing  fake

 ' community' .. "

wellness, art, 

dicrimination if uou font fit our little fake paradise,  part

I am s snake in the grass

And cannot be done for trespass

Be cause i can slither, snakily

no hissing, either

Be tween ( she istoo)

One another "community"

In the old days we simply called ' class'

I can speak ' The Sublime' with beatiful Mona Lisas...  and foodbank etiquette, white or brown bread

 with the Lady in Red


In any nom theme park simple place 

would be called ' working class' to her face

 two tribes, The red hairdyed ' fuckin fascist gentrifiers ' she cried

conspiratorily next to me,  her  man of  realman solidarity...

" i could never afford to not do  my 7 little jobs just to pay into their rentier economy... for a roof over my cheap hairdyed head..." 

even if of course bigwords like rentier ( or " ascetic" "hiraeth" too, banned in her class warfare ... even had i used them,  me ..herfriend, too... ' you speak weird!' .. no, i know how to bridge both sides....Be comfy in even the Penzance poperty artyanarchists dopesmoke filled  inside....)

Its all so do simple.

Take away the large incomer slab of lard

" oh i got my money to move here working hard"

they never mention for Monsanto, Big Pharma, or even tge civil service a wing of military sales to Jsraeli Jen's djde, too...

Nope... gorget them. They cant ever Be for real fully one of the two slightly authentic trjbes.

the leddlers of ' wellness' workshops or Natural Store bagging....

And the other tribe who wouldnt ever lower themselves to that bulshit begging...

( but never admitting their 'friends' ... be they in community workshop cakey  cliques,  Foulmouth, Goosebarn, even St Just ultra clique

 or shitcreek Gweek 

or  3000 on Fakebook, .are only ever transactional...)

Two peoples only

So dull

you are only one or other based on ONLYone thing, really

Did you inherit daddy's  cash or house? Mummy of course when she her cogs pops

 her having usualy out lived pops

tjis whole fakery

even her performing dodgy energy rich

 shaman coquettry

 is based on one one thing really

 those who can, as they  inherited

the others

just clean their yoga showrooms or repaint  the workshop  ceiling ... all that 

inherited cash

 hot  sweat stained, fragile glass ceiling...

 air rising

causes interior mould 

 far more avidly

than fresh air, 

always free