Sunday 17 March 2024

what a fantastic, cliff



if i were to not bother and chronicleate

10 years of fake eco " birds" which started with half a dozen dodgy ( grant funded) eco men 

or in fact the ultimate conman Tom Paul of the 250 quid ' sound bath' healing

in smelly old yurts

he had unlawfully maintained by chain-gang men

( on ' community restorative...justice'  naughty boy schemes...

categorically contracted into, as  NON prophet themes...

unless you are a Merman conmann, called Paul   ..of 5km from Hay... above pesky things like  cast iron many decade known 'rules' ... mentored slaves on ethical jobs

nonprophet... only!

and never ding dong bongo bongo 250 quid a weekend ....

" and here is your just chopped  free pile  of yurtwarming, logs"

The end: the one at the sore heel -  where the blister may Be.. running away from her shitcreek 

of overhead military

The only one i wish, in 

 ohh fuck off ... im so bored of you, but ive never been woman enough to committ to matrimony...

But at the toe

So rotten and fake 

even most fat older "birds" still 

cant Be seen outdoors without their nailrot painted..  and varnish baked..

over a stony foundation long ago mined,   

nowadays mining only a fake history

of mermaids and jolly seamen, and 'heroic' pirateree...

who in fact Just greedily

cut all the wood down for THEIR ... pisshead, and drugdealing fires .. centuries, peddling highs, under rotten toe mizzle showers

theme oark.

Not even worthy of being thought a toe worth stubbin-on-sea

Never kicked out, just sold willingly

it ' local' property...

to the highest bidder

So as that awful film, Bait, could  perpetuate

a theme park  of self pity thats in fact only self hate

they didnt sell more to an even higher bidder, 

as the  drugdealer 

riverrats of Helford  got smarter and match fitter

The  Blistered Heel one,  yes i am to her only true

even if the puss within her needs lancin.. so she can fit in Cindy's  Princess shoe

but out of the blue,

 two near  perfect, unknown, and certainly,  in the 

blushing Mrs  List... gems,  never  previouslu mined... 

 by others  so long, missed

 will any ...ever Be mine....?

Definately kairos, time to Thelm'nLou... 

at the cliff, the suspense too much, for even