Sunday 31 March 2024

last one rerit

 ...strangely the stats doth usually say i have early rising viewers

i wonder why?

i lie

i never wonder about silly silent peeps

silence is why the worst of the capitalists 


its called complicity


not me

but i care that the reader, even complicit as you are

has the correct version

my habit: speedtype one finger ( laptop charging i had to give up   takes too much engine)

i resent every jab

quickly stab away...

loadsa typos 

but press 'publish' quick before even looking through,  incase it goes wonky

' publishing' at least is a reliable backup   

put down device

go for walk  have a pee



then go back and detypo or sometimes add in clarification 

as this morn

thine end

.... amyway i adore a major cleansing apocolypse... 

major tourist  spot...  best sunrise,  by a km....

not a soul moving or on the roads...

wow! this is exactly as it was 1990 ... or 1... just before



Notting Hill, that time one morning,   i remember well, 

one day meandering through

" golly.... everything has just... like that....even their absurd menchild Porsches ...



 what a gorgeous, bonus Black Swan.... 

UNRAVEL the Andrea and Roma.... warped posts...NOW!!!

or i will be failing to care...a bit

as i do