Friday 1 March 2024

 But i decided, to defy them....

Though it was worth it.

To hear him....

Now i know, in fact there is none of their 'hope' 

A young man with a surprisingly good mind. I had a pleasurable and in fact surprising selfie " smack my naughty self on the bottom! i have figured [ a so so much less angsty judgemental word than 'judge']  him   incorrectly...ok understandable, due his scowls ... but i found a key to inlock him evev if ... I Karat,... and  he is deep, actually friendly and open... wants to needs to talk....  "

And there we are... yesters..

A young man im YUK....




a great communicator!

Tall, handsom

in an nteresting way,

 without being from slithering



looks a bit of a Cat

the moaning beginneth, as usual: moan moan illness illnrss illness altzheimers  

"....   ohh yea ...  i think i got something seriously wrong with my memory i must go get mefical tests definately sometjing wrong"

I have never used the word ' snowflake' and think it too pointed a word

But i know that a sort of hypocondria itis... compulsion to think, only.. the BODY is going  wrong...

I know it began, the seeds arose ... INNOCENTLY...

17ish years ago, the dictat from above "  school efucatiin will be far more ' feelings' based.." was the greatest sounding reform ever... 

emotion .. when one has become an adult in mid 20s, and only really grown up mid 40s... 

Is a winderful important force

But perhaps the error  was it shouldnt Be about the ..self

self care,  self self self.. realisation, determination, expression... self love

( the latter especially i guess needs to be EARNED) ...

All the above the wrong self obsessed ( ' third sector' / societal elders, who became fat and old after starting to realise their  Glastonbury tickers are so dear they better get better at spouting SOMEthing  for money...any old crap will do... from blue hardyed bonces so they fake remaining 30) the wrong uneducated hands dishing out easy fixes that arent

Lead to


And i bet in fact the majority are himtoo

And that's ..unfixable.

If you " listen" dear Serb..  to how sxreamingly fundamentalist they are....

I am glad i sat valentines day...

In that cafe.

I knew  several days prior exactly where to sit having cased out the one socket in earlier months.

A treat of a socket, and not so much moaning...

Even more of a bittersweet treat...

The most Maggie-Merm of all.. the symbol and .. well i heard her at shitcreek sat with me do her ultra Merm yogazen goddess act... on kids around...

and she is paid to do it on mentoo .  men requiring real grown up healing as their bodies actually ferked  for life, rather than made up ferked... his life will hold, too...

How to put it in one sentence? 

hahh hahhhh if she and her kind, waffled this poison in Serbia... i really would hope that .. 

one cannot say fumny words about what they do to babies, but .. they one would hope, they  would have the sanity to deport... to the East

Meanwhile i am deporting ...



into that Northerly


Not so much due the Maggir-Merms, i can zone them out so they dont exist even if she gets expensively clad  into my film...

Its really the so so so many men clearly on pretty hard drugs for a pretty long time . 

who arent happy. there are happyish.. stoical fairly ohilosophical  druggies ....and the scowlers

the scowlers are dangerous...i eatch them...

The real reason is the Maggie-merns  and naybe even non warrior, non born 'n breds... kindof pretend they dont exist....  which is an ultimate form of ' narcissm' 

Because of course ' they' dont want them to exist...  and represent a their useless counselling, therapising and " community" ing.. failed

they failed.

Its not very grown up to not know failure, and ...

But i know theyre all in REALITY daily aware they exist...rather contradicting their " we only have love .. community.... and lovely people here". . . cos theyre so fearful of men i see day in and out..

i know who is FAR  far lonier than