Monday 1 April 2024

But, it is these ....

Zen, is

forgetting my library exists, even when the redhead... Yestereve ... sends a message which clearly has another whole life within...

And daily thinking " i wish i would die, so i can forget my one main quest for years, to pass it on to a 
my responsibility to the' universe' if i have one,
 and there is one"

stories: hard, to get into words


so hard: mornings, like this, the 'NOW' one 

that narcissistically demands it is the only one

unable to know better 'now's

 that really are  the "zen"...

Thing is there is the [ american] version.... nothing to do with bad books about the wrong spanner, real ....modern.... ' enlightened' paradigm, which no American ever can perceive, live, Be.. for a moment 

.. or know ...a better 'zen'

( me off and on 'studying' the newspeak 'heterodox' brigade for 4 years) 

quite simply

less is more

But that really is a real grown up ' more'

No American can use that as DNA or ' epigenetics' ...

A ceptingbmy nicer jeans have all got too holey, and having to move on to yucky chav looking ones, is ' more' 

If i can do that, and find a good new energy in it,  and karmic evolution to better mindfulness that works, I am wiser than Sam Harris.... 

Almost all European thinkers were, 30 years ago. Especially on crime, punishment and compassion

But cos usa game every internet click, and own it,  it means  the rest of the developing world gets taken back 30 or even 40 years....