Friday 15 March 2024

rights fights

 15+ of the last 22 years i have had to live  a very very dangerous tightrope existence.

REAL " trauma", to quote these spastic social and 'justice', children, who have never done anythinh; but Be ing based on real love, only....

...its all ok

i am the lucky failure

The real story is here

20 years.... of...

silly Serbia should care

cos it could have happened there....

and what the vested interest ' system' of the uk, actually is

Rights fights. see

same file google drive audio

Titley development, was going to be 2015 ish....i alone delayed it thus far

one ploy  used by me was this ...  setting up..lromoti g, alone,  the BETER solution... a balanced scheme, putting it on the table as i alone did 
to delay their executive Tescos development...

even if not one person in Titley worth bothering to help.. all fakes one and all. i was only proposing tjis truly ethical scheme to delay building by the nature reserve... my real concern...none of the ither fat fakes cared a jot about

so as to push back

far too near

superb wildlife spot

NO one else tried to do anything to block it... one of 3 or 4 eco active person things i alone did in the last decade

while the girls of Fakebook just confused...everyone

And did nowt

Fake Green Mayor Celia of Kington superb example..

many recordings of them doing NOTHING...

proper film coming up soon


more to come

example, Yugoslav  civilian death ratio, gaza death ratio...

real refs

you dont get on a few pages with McPhilemy, Galloway et a few other real warriors  of the top qc im London

unless you are for real

and i told his rude child 'junior' Wollanski  he was a rude fake cunt polite words