Monday 1 April 2024

so.. a bit of

 magically real, resurrected

kairos flavoured, timeliness


Being, if one were to sum up the whole 25 years of cant, vanity, and she can't

 see how beautufully she may represent, 25 years of bullshit...

The posh " bird" nature writer.

24 years ago she would be at our river bank, The Warren, Hay... My nipper sticking her toes in at that perfect " its as good as any riviera spot, i know, ive had days at most of them" ... ( i mean if you wish understand laterday Mermaiditis, they now have while shopwindows  of expensive bobble hats and bags emblazoned ' wild swimming'  ... )

Every day of those summers, when not wild swimming in the sea 



Before the chavs found the latter, didnt care bout  reckless antisocial  jetskiing

 then  Rupert and Cammy bought the former, when it was going cheap ... a quid a cuppa  coffee, sat at the harbour... prime spot. Now £ 3.50 skinny snotflower,only ... once Rupe 'n Cam did  a Hay Wholefoods,  Now Primrose Hill.... owned, and put the Hay bread up 30%, overnight, one day in ...2008ish if my memory serves. ..

Anyway....24 years ago, wild swimming, i used to call " cheaper than runing the bath at night"  ... with extra wildness, skinny dipping, the minnows would be nibbling at the skinny toes of my bouncind she delighted in every one of a legful of being nippped

by nature.

She would sometimes come over  before being so high and mighty, even get a book of snotty gardening on 4 chan.. " i always watch her...and you ... she us just so totally alive...and always laughing.... you two and your ferret pied piper act and half the river  nymphs wild swimming around you as if you have Suskin's parfum ( the pacifist, non violent sort) ..bottled...and ... it  works...

Now.... being as of course one did invite her...  6 or 7 years ago... several times, to join regional initatives to speak up ....about the turds flowing out of hertoo shitpipe into her Lugg....

And othersuch.... 

" best eco chap for miles David, Cambridge science  grad.... used by HMG 30 years to speak about it the Lords ... i look after him.... he can be consulted always on best data, poliyics, of your regional sewer... but among ither things 20 years of  snotty cows of eco and middle class chatterati...   all saying " hes a bit on rhe spectrum" when he just does the agonising dull hard work of crunching the data so you can swan around getting new hairdos fir the posh telly, talkibg about the environment...poor fellaSO damaged by loneliness... if you know any REAL eco' birds' who may need a special friend....  in your small' community' .. he is well known as safe and ...maybe you could invite him for tea.... as THE  ...service to the greatest service to the regional  'environment ' by far as we need his expertise.... you have zero of, even when on 4chan..."

one gets ghosted


Funny that ... i even have her expensive,  moving boxes.... still. As she knows...

So, zenny kairos 

wow,   now

 WHAT a ' coincidence'

There i am resumi g walking yesteraft after a week of routine winterbug beginning to recede

And in  one if the most  aside coves, never anyone there ...

There...she is.

So forgettable a fake i had forgotten she existed.

Even after her 2020 give-a-girl-[ aged 63 ... still pretend shes a girl]-a-bug- and-a-pristine-neon-jacket

and i saw how the Nazis actually came about....

Her looks ... towards anyone meandering.... gently loping, smiling!  a shabby little Presteigne  high st., getting their groceries, and having a " human" bit of natteration in society...

Talk about a resurrection, on mumbojumbo day...

So starkly reminding me

" have you heard about the big river legal case ..?"

that look, so perfect her and hubby glanced, to state: yes we are so pained...  and " yes of course...we are part if it.." 

The first time i reencounter someone from last region,  where NO one ever did anything to  use standard democratic checks snd balances to protect the river they pretenned to care about.... in her case 24 years.....

... so perfect a reminder, as indeed the 'art' ... is about more than anyone else, famous.....her....

But its what her 40 yr old Gweek uniformed ( meaning the homespun  lifestyle  magazine clothes ..all 200 quid + .. patinated to make them not look as new as they are ) v attractive friend.. quite apetfect ruddy Scandanavian belle tint to her facial... then said

Even Helena told  the silly little smiling  b***h  in reality, to shut up ... 

That wiped off her Gweek Mermaid  smile

( a kind of smile they all have that one would see on the face of the attendant,  at the last Auschwitz.. if one were in the last ever oven ... she wished i was intoo.....  a smug perfect clean glowing countenance smile that says ....smugly smilingly

 ' job done' ....  )

The Merm Queen, so many years seen... and she knows i see through her every false wird.. in respect of me: 

"no.... he's right..."

( to.... body language says : shut the fuck up.. i can say as you are her bestie and shes known me years...  i am so sick of your  ' well thats bad energy' fucking deathcult crap... ;  and words:" here are the facts LUV....  your rivers here are fucked too... far more so here actually due the STUFF....  stuff causes a byproduct: pollution...everywhere...;  and wanna know where you bought your expensive tartists cottage,  luv....  well i will tell you... 28 years landloping Helena's  region....  compared to 10 mths so so hits you in the face  nearly EVERYONE here... dresses in brand new expensive showoff designer stuff..... ..and displays so much more STUFF.... than even my last region.... i rarely see ANY one with ordinary old jeans n sweater ..ordinary all here showoff new statement clothing..... as yours.. shall we do an official study you silly woman with no respect for any man....?  your region  tons of  new stuff  per person... any child can see, but they dont even raise children in Gweekish places... merely parrot-mouthed  zombies... even my last  region,  that became Gweek lite  as Helena knows, is:   yourtons of STUFF per person,  minus about  40% ....i think a fair guesstimate.."

She, the out-of- central-casting,Waitroses " rugged Scandy outdoors look" catalogue, dumb blond 40 something, is of no intetest the non brained are not worth" challenging" to be their 'best self'  we only do if we believe in someone...and i believe in no one...( except her but then i must be mad)

she of no interest... so common

But a true artist.... of the con

in the legal case, too....

Now she does need ... being made ' archetype' ....and i had forgotten she existed... my chronicles havent though....

many a perfect proof over the last 10  years of' virtue signalling" ... and worse

see that webpage

whats it i forget ... Wye... etc...

its literally about her...

so death cult its daft

( one of dozens the same, but what a gift)

And here she was in person

hahh hahhh...

( errata,  they, her husband just as conman, but he doesnt get well paid in national meedia to be  nature saviour to the posh...)