Tuesday 2 April 2024


all is well

merely cycles...

Culture. It matters.

 ( critique Sam Harris, Haidt, etc)


but hashtags

( thats an ' absurdist' reference tinged with real sadness, even she  had her habit... as if it is compulsory,  of dozens of hashtags, per sad, nothing-to-say, that is the REAL her, post... and anyway they are so ugly....)

Main one:  REAL " dm me for change" ... we are NOT  blind watchmakers to pinch from Dawkins at his dodgiest, we ARE our social mores, and cultural influences, the new comentariat refuse to acknowledge as they are all blinded by silly arrogance and BPD

( really good example of BPD within) 

hashtag #2 shut up,  unless you have done the ' work' 


put in recording of the two world top thinkers of the mind ( bbc will use !!) being mindles, speaking for 2 hrs on the mind ( THEMIX = mind/body)

fix the posts !!! andrea and the Romas....

can do now my job is