Monday 1 April 2024

proper work begins, soon


the fool day

wrong order, they  got times....

i have all the time in it, that world

All that really matters

I still smile
and thus have a happy memory
No matter what...
only one person made me laugh, for years
" Mr Spam"  


now...i care, that the ( english, too) world gets polluted by this... these so called world greatest understanders of the mind..

( i will record the whole thing from his site soon)

who cannot say s SIMPLEST fact: nurture... yes, PLUS ...or indeed nurture IS the great culture.... that often does deal well with the good bad right and wrong.... morals! influences the, 'will'... really really great culture that is....

that would be too simple for a whole world went absurd ' smart' arse... a decade ago