Monday 1 April 2024

good decision it is over.

Except i never feel poetical here- the ultimate be no one place,  and certainly never will in the future, having seen her...  and her kind.

I never looked her up, such an uninteresting person...

Now i get it... 

As it always was!, how can some immigrant fine mind really get a look in, or a series of books... except pimping some compulsory  "poor me" ' trauma', when even she, known 25 years,  is.... aristo class.


Titled ish, too


Of absolutely no conceivable interest excep for her tone, of " poor  us" my interviews... from someone who hasnt even lived in the same valley as the Wye at least a decade...

Much more interesting real work has commenced


AND super ' simple' filmed in the sun, thismorn...

Even if i have no interest, no one  with any kind of good mind left to  even  share a few basics with; but i did do the ' work' so i kinda got a duty to leave it behind if i can.