Wednesday 1 May 2024

New Year day :-)

( the real sad aspect of being non rural is not having completely fresh start new growing season setting, Mayday symbolises, deep inside ones commie that ' is' nature... ) 

Environmentalism what it really is....

lots of work to do.... gosh even that dull word 

' environment' and having for years to some extent studied ' isms' ... an even duller matter

There is nothing worse than creating new words as the wordy  butterflies have been hooked on for several decades, but some reframing is necessary 

( " climate change" a terrible failed term in that if we had used the maybe more accurate term " pollution"  the sportsmen addicted to hunting and fishing to show off, may have realised it means their SUV too...  is doing the same via co2,

 as the Dryrobe soup that enters the waterways...


And.... kairos.

Various aspects of using, wasting, the planets resources are simply never mentioned... 

why do certain ( class based, it always is in UK) ... exemptions apply....

( that UK greens cannot even speak of "  we need to set EXAMPLE.... " to developing nations... means, back to thinking school, except they cannot ever think they may have...failed....and may need to,  defines a cult)

FAR better essaying and apt film, soon....  all plans followed through, desk clear, no one cared...  fait accompli is so good for the soul, and sleep as it happens